Leaf & Yard Waste Pick-up Information

Yard Waste

"Yard Waste" includes grass, brush, branches (less than 4 feet long or 4 inches in diameter*) and leaves it does not include dirt, rocks and very large (greater than 4 feet long or 4 inches in diameter) branches. 

*Branches may be tied and bundled weighing less than 50 pounds if no bag or barrel is used.

Yard Waste, excluding grass may be brought to the Recycling Center. Grass clippings are not accepted at the recycling center at any time.


April 1 to October 31 Collected curbside 1 time per week as follows:

  • Zones 1 and 3 Tuesday
  • Zones 2 and 4 Wednesday

Place yard waste curbside in paper bags or trash barrels (max 32 gallons). Large green landscaper barrels are not acceptable.

Missed Pick-ups

For missed pick-ups of yard waste and / or leaves, please call Gaeta at 973-278-6625.


Beginning mid-October through November, residents (with proof of residency) will be given 15 free leaf bags from the Recycling Center while supplies last. Additional bags can be purchased at the Recycling Center throughout the year at 3 bags per $1 while supplies last.


  • Collected November and December
  • On yard waste day
  • Bagged or in barrels at the curb
  • Leaves in the street - refer to Borough Leaf Schedule (PDF)

Leaves may also be brought to the Recycling Center.

Compost Material

Compost material is generated by yard waste that is collected at the Recycling Center and is available to the public (at no charge) for use in their own yards.