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Opening Statement for Municipal Courts in the State of     New Jersey

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Payment & Guilty Plea

You may plead guilty and pay the penalty, if the check box "Court Appearance Required" has not been checked on the front side. The more frequently charged payable offenses and penalties are listed through a link to the left of this screen. You may also either sign on to New Jersey Municipal Courts to determine if the offense is payable and the amount of the penalty or telephone the court. If you wish to pay the penalty, bring or mail your ticket, together with payment in the amount of the penalty, to the court at the address indicated below prior to the court date displayed on the front of this ticket. For your convenience, we have a drop box in the parking lot outside the Borough. Please do not leave cash in the drop box.

Payments by mail are to be by check or money order made payable to the Hawthorne Municipal Court. Do not send cash. Please print the ticket number on the front of the check or money order. If payment is received by the court after your court date, you may be assessed additional penalties. A receipt will be sent to you only if your payment is accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. 

Offense Is Not Payable or Court Appearance Required

If the offense charged on the reverse is not payable, or if "Court Appearance Required" (see check box on reverse side) is checked, you must appear in court at the date, time and place indicated, even if you wish to plead guilty. 

Plea of Not Guilty

If your ticket is payable but you wish to plead not guilty, you must notify the court at the address and telephone number as shown below at least 7 days prior to the court date listed on the front of this ticket. If you fail to notify the court, it may be necessary for you to make additional court appearances. 


If you fail to appear in response to this summons or to pay the prescribed penalty, additional penalties may result. A warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driving privileges may be revoked. If this is a parking ticket your failure to appear or pay the prescribed penalty shall be considered an admission of liability and a default judgment may be entered against the owner of the vehicle, and the registration may be suspended.

Except for a parking ticket, a record of this conviction will be sent to the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) that issued your license effective September 30, 2005. If you hold a commercial driver’s license and you are convicted of two or more serious traffic violations, the MVC may, depending on your record, suspend your commercial driving privileges even if the violations were committed in a non-commercial motor vehicle for more information, visit the official MVC website.