Construction Code

This office is responsible for the issuance of permits and performing inspections on building, electrical and plumbing work done in the Borough. The State's Uniform Construction Code governs construction within Hawthorne and the rest of the state.  Appeals of decisions of the Construction Official can be made to the Passaic County Board of Construction appeals. This office also issues sidewalk permits.  If required permits are not obtained, penalties will be imposed. 

One Call New Jersey - 811 or call 1-800-272-1000 for utility mark-outs before you dig in New Jersey.  It's the law!   

All Home Improvement Contractors are required to register with the State of New Jersey.  Permits will not be issued to contractors without a license issued by the state.  For more information, please visit

A Certificate of Continuing Compliance is required for all property sales in the Borough of Hawthorne. This includes residential as well as commercial properties.  This form is NOT AVAILABLE online, available only at the Building Department 973-427-5555 X214.