Child Passenger Seats

The Hawthorne Police Department is committed to assisting and educating parents or child care providers with information and technical service related to Child Passenger Restraint Systems. Statistics show that 4 out of 5 child care seats are installed or used improperly. With the many different car seats and the many different types of vehicles, there are many confusing issues related to car seat installation.

Motor Vehicle Crashes Are the Number 1 Killer of Kids

Why? In many cases, children are either not properly buckled into their safety seats or parents do not realize that a booster seat is vital to ensuring children fit safely in their vehicle's seat belt. Don't take a chance. Have your child's safety seat inspected.

Child Seat Checkups

Child seat checkups provide parents and caregivers with the opportunity to have their child's restraint checked by one of five Hawthorne Police Officers that are nationally certified child passenger safety (CPS) technicians to determine if the seat is safe and being used correctly. This service is provided free-of-charge.

It's important to look for ways to keep children safe, this is one thing we can do to ensure our children are properly protected in motor vehicles.

Best Safety Seat for Your Child

With so many different styles and brands of child safety seats, how on earth does a parent figure out which one is best for his or her child? There are many factors to consider in determining the appropriate seat, but the most important are a child's age and size. When the seat is correctly selected, installed and used, it can reduce the risk of death by up to 71%.

Safety Seat Inspections

As a community service, the Hawthorne Police Department offers a FREE safety seat inspection by a trained technician. As part of this service, we instruct parents on the proper technique of installing a car seat as well as advising them if the seat which they are using has been recalled.

Please call us at 973-427-1800 to talk with a CPS technician and schedule an appointment to have your child's car seat installed or answer any questions you may have.