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Billing & Payments

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for the Year 2017* (Results from 2016)

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for the Year 2016* (Results from 2015)

*Printed copies can be mailed to you upon request, please call 973-427-2378.

Public Works Department

Lead in Drinking Water


Bad taste or sediment in tap water?  Call the 24-hour emergency number.

Connecting?  If you are connecting to the water or sanitary sewer system, there is a $3,000 charge per system.  The application form can be filled out in the DPW office on the second floor of the municipal building at 445 Lafayette Ave. 

Estimated bill?  Call 973-427-2378 to schedule an appointment for an actual reading or repair. 

High bill?  Call 973-427-2378 for an explanation or a meter re-read. 

Leaking meter?  Call 973-427-2378 for a replacement at no cost if you already have an outside meter 

Leaking water service?   Property owner's responsibility 

Leaking valve?   Homeowner's responsibility but only the Water Department can turn the water off at the curb. Call 973-427-2378 to schedule a shut off. 

Leaking hydrant or water main in road? Call the 24-hour emergency number. 

Moving?  If you are responsible for the water bill you must call 973-427-2378 two business days before the closing or two days before you move to request a final reading.  Have the name of the person who will be responsible for the bill after you move when you call. 

Low water pressure?  Call 973-427-2378 or, after regular business hours the emergency number 973-427-2501. 

Please remember that Borough Ordinance 180 chapter 220D requires the installation of an outside meter (also called a remote) for all homes and some businesses.  Call 973-427-2378 if you do not have an outside meter.  The size of the meter determines the cost. 

There is a cost for certain water service functions. 

Louise Siano, Collector of Water Rents 


    973-427-2378   Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:30

    973-304-2060   Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:30

Hawthorne North Pump Station