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Our Public Works Department works hard to make driving safer and easier in snowy weather.  At the beginning of a storm, salt spreaders are dispatched to keep main arteries and hills clear of snow and ice.  Snow plowing begins when there is at least two inches of snow accumulation. Please remember that snow removal operations are being performed under emergency conditions. During a snow storm, plows concentrate on keeping streets clear.  After the storm the plows will return to widen and clear shoulders.   

Child Safety:  Please help us in protecting the safety of your children playing in areas of accumulated snow, especially if "igloos" have been built in prior storms.  The best step to take is not to allow unsupervised children out to play when snowplow operations are expected and until they are completed. 

Driveways:   Leave the last two (2) feet of your drive un-shoveled until we have completed curb to curb removal.  This should limit the amount of snow plowed back into this area. If you must shovel the very end of your driveway prior to our completion, place the snow to the right of your driveway (with your back facing your house).  If placed in this area, this lessens the amount of snow plowed back onto the drive area, as plows will now push it past your drive when it hits this greater amount of snow.  Please understand that proper plowing operations for the roadway cannot prevent the redeposit of snow in driveway areas. 

Garbage Cans:  Please place your garbage cans on your property and NOT in the street.  Objects in the roadway are our biggest deterrent in efficient plowing operations. 

Parking:  Residents can assist Borough snow removal operations by not parking on Borough streets (wherever possible) during a snow storm or by parking on one side of the street until the opposite side is plowed and then moving vehicles to the plowed side so that the unplowed side can be cleared.   

Fire Hydrants:  In the event of deep snow, please shovel around fire hydrants near your house – for your safety and your neighbors'.   

Sidewalks:  Residents are responsible for removing snow and/or ice from their sidewalks within 8 hours of daylight after it has fallen, pursuant to Borough Ordinance 186-23.  Please remember that children are walking to schools and bus stops all over town, residents with corner properties are asked to provide pedestrian crossing access.   

When shoveling, please do not thrown snow into the street, as the snow melts and refreezes it causes icy spots which can cause accidents.  If you have a driveway plowing contractor, please advise him accordingly. 

State Roads:  The New Jersey Department of Transportation is responsible to plow State Route 208, plus Rea Avenue east of highway 208, Douglas Avenue, and the ramps and entrances to Fourth Avenue. 

County RoadsPassaic County is responsible to plow the following County Roads:
-         Diamond Bridge Avenue
-         Goffle Road
-         Goffle Hill Road
-         Lafayette Avenue & Lafayette Avenue Extensio
-         Lincoln Avenue
-         North Eighth Street
-         Rea Avenue –& Rea Avenue Extension
-         Wagaraw Road
-         Warburton Avenue