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Food Establishment Inspection Status

Every licensed food establishment within the Borough of Hawthorne is inspected at least twice annually to determine that it complies with the Health Code of the State of New Jersey.  As a result of an inspection, the establishment is determined to be: a) Satisfactory; b) Conditionally Satisfactory; or c) Unsatisfactory.  A food establishment rated "Unsatisfactory" will be closed down until the conditions causing that rating have been corrected.  An establishment rate "Conditionally Satisfactory" will be given time to correct the problems causing that rating, and then re-inspected.  Food establishments are required to post the certificate with their current inspection status in plain view.

At the present time, the following food establishments have Conditionally Satisfactory ratings:

Family MiniMart - Conditionally Satisfactory as of  3/10/18
Cake Speciality - Conditionally Satisfactory as of 3/24/18 

At the present time, the following food establishment is closed as a result of Unsatisfactory ratings:

For more information, contact the Board of Health at 973-427-4011 or 973-427-4012 .