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Borough Clerk's Office


Under both state law and local ordinances, the Borough Clerk is entrusted with numerous and diverse duties.  The following is a list of the functions performed by the Clerk and staff:  

As Secretary to the Municipal Council
·   Attends all meetings and records official minutes of the governing body.
·   Handles municipal correspondence (incoming and outgoing).
·   Prepares meeting agendas.
·   Processes, records, files and advertises ordinances.
·   Processes, records, files and when required by law, advertises resolutions.
·   Processes, records, files and advertises the municipal budget.
·   Administers and records oaths of office.
·   Maintains custody of all official records not specifically handled by other departments.

As Secretary of the Municipal Corporation
·   Maintains custody of the municipal seal.
·   Signs the majority of official documents, attests signatures of municipal officers and officials.
·   Maintains receipt of service of legal documents.

As Election Official
·   Registers voters.
·   Certifies vacancies existing on the local level.
·   Maintains receipt of nominating petitions and certification to the County Clerk of local candidates nominated by petition.
·   Exercises quasi-judicial authority in determining the validity of petitions.
·   Conducts the drawing for position of candidates on the local ballot.
·   Furnishes material for local election.
·   Maintains receipt of election results.
·   Certifies to the County Clerk the names of persons elected to partisan county committee offices in each election district.
·   Canvasses the votes for and certifies election of candidates for local office at the primary, general and municipal elections.

As Administrative Official
·   Considered the "Custodian of Records" and processes requests for documents and/or records.
·   Issues licenses (liquor, bingo, raffles, amusement devices, solicitors, auto livery and used car lot)
·   Issues assessment search certificates.
·   Handles complaints of all kinds.
·   Receives and files performance bonds.
·   Directs correspondence and inquiries for action to various municipal departments.

Conducts business with other municipal departments as directed by the governing body.