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Zoning Enforcement

Fire Prevention

Call Before You Dig 1-800-272-1000

Garbage & Recycling

Hawthorne Housing Rehabilitation Program


The Code Enforcement Office is responsible for the enforcing various "quality of life" ordinances in Hawthorne.

Dumpsters:  All dumpsters must be kept screened from public view.

Garbage & Recycling: Garbage and recyclables may not be intermingled, and must be set out in accordance with municipal regulations.  See Garbage & Recycling page for more information

Grass & Weeds:  Grass and weeds may not exceed seven inches in height.

Illegal Apartments:  The Borough is aggressively enforcing rules against the creation of illegal dwelling units such as basement apartments, attic apartments, unlicensed rooming houses or subdividing homes without permits.  These situations create safety hazards and adversely affect the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  Please call if you see evidence of illegal occupancy.

Leaves: Leaves may not be placed in the street more than one week before a the scheduled pick-up, and must kept be at least fifteen feet from a storm drain inlet.

Property Maintenance:  All premises (structures, driveways and lawns, etc)  shall be maintained in good repair in accordance with the Borough's Property Maintenance Code.  Items include but are not limited to exterior painting; premises free of rubbish, litter and infestation;  and buildings maintained in good structural condition.

Sidewalks:  The owner of the abutting property is responsible for repairing broken sidewalks.  A sidewalk permit must be obtained from the Building Department before replacing sidewalk.  The Shade Tree Commission  must be contacted to remove the roots of any shade tree in the public right of way.

Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal:  The owner of the butting property is required to remove snow and/or ice from sidewalks within 8 hours of daylight after it has fallen

Unregistered or inoperable vehicles:  No vehicle that is unregistered, un-inspected vehicle, or in a state of major disassembly or disrepair may be kept on any property, except when in a garage.

445 Lafayette Ave. (2nd floor)

Peter VanDerVelde  x220
Walter Marston  x263


Note: A property owner is responsible for violations at a property.  In  some cases a tenant may also be held responsible.  A violator will not necessarily receive a warning notice before being issued a summons for violation of an ordinance.