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No Knock Registry

  2. I am requesting registration of the following address in the Borough of Hawthorne for the "No Knock Registry".
  3. I am the (check appropriate), of the property address below:*
  4. Please include floor or apt. number
  5. I understand that my address shall be placed upon a list to be kept by the Police Records Division. Addresses will remain on the registry until notification to the Borough that the occupant wishes to be removed. The list will be provided to any licensee who is issued a license to conduct door-to-door sales pursuant to Ordinance 2238-19, Section 361-8 of the Borough of Hawthorne, New Jersey. I understand that registering with the “No Knock” Registry DOES NOT prohibit door-to-door solicitation for civic, religious, charitable, or political purposes, or on behalf of an educational, recreational, cultural, scientific or similar non-profit organization.
  6. Additional Resident information for HPD Files only (will not be distributed to solicitors):
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