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Vacant & Abandoned Property Registration

    This form is to be completed and delivered (with appropriate fees) to the Borough Clerk of Hawthorne for all vacant and abandoned property in accordance with the Code of the Borough of Hawthorne, § 370-1 et. seq. All registrations expire on December 31st of the year of filing. A renewal form with fees must be filed by January 1st of the next year. The initial registration fee shall be pro-rated for registration statements received less than 10 months prior to that date. Any change in registration must be reported to the Borough Clerk’s Office within 30 days. Any person failing to file this form or providing false information shall be subject to penalty as provided by Ordinance.
    Initial Registration:
    Jan 1 – March 31 = $500
    April 1 – June 30 = $375
    July 1 – Sept 30 = $250
    Oct 1 – Dec 31 = $125
  3. Renewal Fees after Year 1:
    First Renewal $1,500
    Second Renewal $2,500
    Third & Subsequent Renewals $3,000
  4. Authorized Agent
    Name and contact information for the agent authorized to receive correspondence, service of process and notice of violations.
  5. Property Maintenance
    Authorized agent to receive correspondence regarding property maintenance matters. NOTE: Agent must reside or have place of business in New Jersey and must be responsible for maintenance of the property 24/7.
  6. Has a creditor filed a registration form in a foreclosure action with the Borough Clerk of Hawthorne?*
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