Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP)


  • The Hawthorne Gateway is a mixed-use neighborhood consisting of the Borough’s central business district, and adjoining commercial and mixed-income areas, which also incorporates public facilities such as the municipal building, the library, a NJ Transit train station, and public open space and recreational facilities. Many businesses are struggling in a post-pandemic environment, leading to businesses closing and vacancies, a trend the Borough hopes to reverse by strengthening the entire neighborhood, including the connection among residential, recreational and commercial uses.

Preliminary Work is being done on the Implementation Plan for Year 3.

This page will be updated in March 2024

IMPLEMENTATION PLAN - Borough of Hawthorne, Hawthorne Gateway District

SLIDE PRESENTATION:  Presentation to Council December 21, 2022

SLIDE PRESENTATION:  Power Point Presentation to Council March 16, 2022

July 2023: Just a few of the positive enhancements that have been done in the NPP District are as follows.


  1. The Hawthorne Memorial Pool & Recreation Complex sign was received, mark-outs were called for by the company installing, and we are awaiting installation by mid-July.
  2. The crosswalks were painted a brick red at the corners of Diamond Bridge and Lafayette Avenue, as well as Diamond Bridge and Grand.
  3. The painting of the ‘no parking areas’ on Diamond Bridge Avenue in yellow and red were a mistake. The goal is to have a less-intrusive marking of the area with plantings at the corners. The area has been painted over and the committee is in discussion with the Traffic Bureau on repainting the area.
  4. The clock arrived,  and the final electric work was done for installation of it at the beginning of August.
  5. Tables, chairs, and bike racks were ordered for the front of the library.
  6. Permanent plant holders were installed on all of the decorative poles before Memorial Day for plantings, which were in place before the holiday.
  7. Flagpole area was planted, and the pool area was fitted with plants.
  8. Will be purchasing metal plant baskets to be used on the decorative poles.
  9. Our DPW took the old black planters that we had in storage and repainted them for future use at the Pool, Boro Bandshell, and Lafayette Avenue with new flowering plants.
  10. Sponsored $5,000 to our summer bandshell series.
  11. Due to the heavy rains on June 24-27, part of the mural fell apart due to a crack in the pool side wall; this was repaired by our DPW and Carmelo, the graffiti artist, is repainting and touching up the rest of the mural.
  12. The work at the Library, the extension of the walkway, will begin in the next couple of months.


Video of the painting of the mural by New Jersey graffiti artist Carmelo "Snow" Sigona.

SURVEY RESULTS:  Please see below graphs, charts and supporting data.

NPFor details on the Hawthorne Gateway District, see the map below.