Transportation Assistance

Medical & Dental Appointments

Volunteers provide rides, by appointment, to Hawthorne senior citizen residents who need transportation for medical and dental appointments. Call 973-427-5555, ext. 340 to leave a message if you need this transportation assistance. This program is not for emergency service and cannot be used for admission to or discharge from a hospital or nursing home. 

Passengers must be able to get to the vehicle on their own. A personal care attendant may accompany a passenger to assist on the trip, but must travel to and from the same destination. Passengers are required to schedule ride requests 24 hours in advance for in-town appointments, and 48 hours in advance for out-of-town appointments, and are encouraged to call to schedule the ride as soon at the appointment is made.

More Information

Passaic County also provides transportation for medical and dental appointments. Call 973-305-5756 for details.

Food Shopping

Passaic County Paratransit provides transportation for seniors who need rides for food shopping and other purposes. Call 973-305-5756 for details.

Shopping Trips

The Borough of Hawthorne provides transportation for senior citizens to area malls twice a month, every other Monday (Tuesday, if Monday is a holiday). The bus leaves from the corner of Grand Avenue and McKinley at 9:30 a.m. and returns at approximately 2:30 p.m. For information, call Administration at 973-427-1168.