Native Plants

Why Native Plants

  • Low Maintenance - Once established native plants are hardy and adapted to normal weather extremes. They have also developed natural-defenses against pests and diseases reducing the need for applying pesticides.
  • Wildlife - Native plants provide food and shelter for 10 to 15 times as many species of native wildlife as non-native plants.
  • Wild Pollinators - Native plants support native pollinators. Native pollinators and native plants have co-evolved to reach an intricate balance. Many wild pollinators can not survive without the plants they have evolved with. (i.e. Monarch Butterflies)
  • Save Water - Native plants are adapted to moisture from rain and only need watering in severe conditions. One thousand square feet of lawn can use up to 10,000 gallons of water per summer.
  • Air Quality - Native plants do not require motorized equipment, lawn mowers, string trimmers and leaf blowers can emit more hydrocarbons than a typical car.
  • Beauty - Native plants can help blend our lands and building into the surrounding environment and create landscapes that are regional, unique, and beautiful.
  • Biodiversity - Native Plants serve as an important genetic resource for future food crops or other plant-derived products.

Recommended Books

  • New York and New Jersey Getting Started Garden Guide
    by Vincent A. Simeone
  • Pollinator Friendly Gardening
    by Rhonda Fleming Hayes