Tax Appeals

The final deadline to file county and state appeals has passed as it was set at July 1, 2020 by legislation (Bill A4157) signed by Governor Murphy and so if you wish to file an appeal you must wait until 2021.

If you require a copy of your new Property Record Card, you must submit an OPRA request form to the office of the Borough Clerk.  You can find the OPRA form on this site as well.  If you have any further questions regarding your assessment, you may email the Borough Assessor, Tim Henderson, at 


Filing an Appeal of the Judgement

After a tax appeal has been heard in court, if you are dissatisfied with the judgment of the County Board of Taxation you may file an Appeal with the Tax Court within 45 days of date of final judgment. Appeals from the Tax Court judgments may be carried to Superior Court, Appellate Division within 45 days.